Friday, March 12, 2010

The missing part

Since I was away for so long from blogging world I decided to throw in an update about what I have been up to this recent months. I have been pretty busy and  totally loved it. My head is always spinning with ideas and I must create to survive LOL. So here are some fruits of my creativity if I can say so !
    I had this gorgeous Red polka dot cotton fabric that I wanted to cut into for a log time so I finally did when I made this dress. I liked it so much but it was sold almost immediately and I was left only with the pictures of  my friend`s daughter, Anna, posing in it . She was born to be a model I think :)
After one of my friends handed down to me her unwanted almost brand new sun dress I right away have seen THIS coming !
And the best part was I made TWO dresses out of only one adult outfit ! The BIG SIS DRESS  and a Small SIS Matching Dress. These are still in my Etsy Shop if you are interested.  I love being GREEN ! Recycling clothes is such a great way to save our planet!
Then I discovered a brown corduroy fabric in my stash and made a few things out of it :
A Chick Momma Diaper Bag Set that includes an extra cushy waterproof  changing pad and matching wallet for mommy !

I think I should of made this for myself 2,5 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, because it is so roomy that the bag could hold pretty much everything you need from diapers to breast pump and supplies for it.
 Still in my shop.
From the same fabric this Easter/Church/ School Dress was born. At first for Valentine day and now it is perfect to wear for Easter Holiday or actually any other day of the week  I think. I just love how it turned out to be :

AND it comes with matching Hair Clip !
 But the heart dress was my second attempt after I made this Brown Corduroy Dress using Dana`s idea from MADE blog. It turned out a bit small for Polina so I decided to put it in my shop.
Then I felt pink again and made this True Princess polka dot dress, I love this fabric so much especially because it was a bed sheet that I bought in target for 75% off! I cut into it the first day I brought it home! Gatta love the bargain and green part of a deal !
And then some more girly stuff!
Like this Chocolate Meringue  dress. I love chocolate, meringue and this is totally all in one dress. Don`t you wanna eat it ? I do :)
 And recently I am into knits! I love my serger so much that I just want to serge everything I get a hand on LOL. Especially when I have ton of knit scraps that are laying around my sewing room! So that`s the story behind my Rainbow Skirt  that I made recently
Not only I am into knits now days but I am also into cute little leggings and boy/girl pants!

There are many more :) But I would run out of space on here and had to stay up all night if I decided to post all of them. Most of them are still in my etsy shop along with my very new items.
So that`s it for now and thanks for stopping by to read my blog!
Till next time!


dana said...

I have a feeling you're really going to like this blogging stuff :)

Kestlyn said...

Oh I love your projects! Great job on all of your beautiful creations :)

Katherine said...

You are a VERY talented seemstress!!! I am SO impressed!

Forever You said...

Thanks Katherine! You are very sweet!