Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Relative Faces.. Beautiful dresses and Happy times!

It`s May and there is no better time for vacation! Polina and I decided to go and visit my homeland... I have some business to take care of there and to see my family, there is no better reasons to go LOL. Like I need one anyways. I miss them so much that I wish I was able to go there every weekend! Here is the pick of my dad playing with Polina last time we went there. Yap! She made him climb up there!
And here is one of her and my dad in the garden near my Grandma`s house where my sister lives now. When I go I usually stay there. Ton of outdoors and now is the cherry and strawberry season so we get to eat a lot of them! Summer is the best time to go.
I have not packed yet, but I thought of what I should take with me. It`s summer, thank God, so I dont have to pack the whole house with me! Just a few sundresses for me and Polina and we are good to fly! When I went through the closet I realized my little girl grew out of almost all the dresses and you know.. when you go for vacation dont you want to show off your best wardrobe? And since I dont really have time to sew that much, off I went to Target and Ross. I found some amazing dresses for under .. hm.. 5 bucks?! Yes . I love bargains.  They were adorable but plain.. PLAIN.. and I decided to spice them up.. So Polina can show them off to everyone over there and over here too!
I have made many picks but I will try to choose the best ones to show to you. Here they are.
I love this dress a lot. Because of the color and the girlyness of it. It is also very comfy because it`s made of knit. I added matryoushka`s prints right along the bottom...  and the front of the shorts 
( The matryoshka`s come from Baby Chic lovely shop )
I added the string of matryoshka`s at the back of the shorts too and I love it:
So that`s one down. I also got another dress that was also plain and had lovely butterflies on them but still was missing .. "somethings " I added the lady bugs to the dress (you cant see them well but in person for some reason you can see them better):
I love the lady bug on the front of the shorts:
and at the back too:
But most of all I love the back of the dress :)
and here is the close up of the front bodice:
So that`s another one to go..and more to come :
I love Merry Poppins .. I grew up with this tale and a movie and I found an image of her flying with her umbrella.. oh how wonderful she was.. A dream nanny .. really..
So I could not resist and made sure my daughter knows her as well and wear her too on this gorgeous dress..: ( also $4.90 at Target:)
I embellished her with crystals ... She deserves to shine!
and some butterflies .. to keep her company :
Are you counting yet ?? So that`s three to go. I thought I would stop until I found this one so gorgeous but plain..  at Ross for 8 bucks. I just pictured it embellished right away and I could not resist..
I put the groovy guitar at the front and embellished it with crystals to make it fun:
and I have been fan of wings lately.. and I think they really made the dress to stand out:
Well that`s it for the dresses but we also needed some leggings too. Since we got such a groovy dresses I needed to add some groovy leggings to the wardrobe. And I made two:
One I called a "rock bum" leggings because they have rock star at on the bum :)
and at the front they feature mini rock star printing ( this one, at the front, also came from Baby Chic ):
All embellished with crystals too! Here is the close up:
And here is the last pair I made for my daughter . It has a boy and a girl at the bottom. and butterflies at the back.
  and here is the close up of the prints :
He, he.. that's all :) Now I have to worry about my wardrobe.. I dont have nothing to wear..May be I should look for a few plain tank tops now and make matching tops to match my daughter? Hm .. I love this ideal!
That`s all I have been doing lately .. Getting ready to go.. I has not been taking many orders, only random here and there but just one last thing I though I would share with you. It`s t shirt I made as per customer request: "The fairy T" . Customer sent me a t shirt and asked me if I could turn it in to a fairy T and I did :
Well that`s all. And since I will be away, I wont be blogging much .. and my shop will be in vacation mode until I return:) So see you all later and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you up for a giveaway???

If YES then rush HERE and enter! 2 Lucky winners will get 10$ gift certificates to my store ! Plus all my items are 50% off and the difference will be refunded to you via pay pal! But you need to go to A little etsy love blog and enter there just leave a comment !
Good Luck every one!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother`s day flower Hair Clips

Mother`s day quickly approaching so I thought I would share how I made these easy and gorgeous hair clips!You can embellish any blouse with it or simply put it into your hair to add a little charm to your look!
They are super easy to make and there are ton of different ways to make them . I will include a few links where you can find great information on how to use your fabric scraps!
For these particular flowers I used nylon chiffon, tulle and charmeuse that was left over from petty skirt I made way before. I used gas stove to make these but you can use heat tool or candle! It is very simple and the results are unpredictable and amazing!
Here are some links for you for the reference:1- How to make flowers from your tulle scraps,  2- How to make Satin Flowers , and here is how to make just simple fabric flowers:   Shibori Ribbon FlowersFrayed Fabric FlowersQuick Make Fabric Flowers for any occasion!Make a Fabric Flower Head Band
Hope you will have fun creating these! The possibilities are endless! Get crafty !                                                     

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An awesome giveaway!!

Just wanted to tell you all about a great giveaway from Lil Blue Boo ! She is giving away one custom Lil Blue Boo Dress!!! Head over to her BLOG for a chance to win!!!
Good Luck every one!

Are you ready for mother`s day?

If you are or you are not stop by at Dana`s blog MADE for incredible ideas to celebrated Mother`s day! It is in a full gear there so check it out!
Also Disney from Ruffles and Stuff partners with Dana to celebrate! You can fine amazing giveaways, ideas, projects and beautiful pictures all in two places! 
 And if you would like to join everyone to celebrate this great day, please DO! A mom deserves to be recognized! We do so much every day and only one day to celebrate! Good thing Dana with Disney decided to give it full two weeks of fun! Absolutely awesome!  So now I live on both their blogs every day! They are truly talented and full of ideas!

Have fun creating!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just wanted to remind

that 50% OFF SALE is still going on in my shop! Until all is gone! I have a lot of items in my shop that need new home! But I still take custom orders too just FYI. I decided to just put an update about what I had been making lately.
I made this custom pants for little girl who wears a cloth diaper  so I made them so that they can accommodate the diaper bum. These are made out of new t shirt that needed refashioning:
At first I decided to do a fringe bottom:
But then I decided to finish them with the regular hem to give them a better look. Although I did like the fringe as well.  May be I will make a couple of fringe pants just for fun.
It had 2 pockets and the back :
and a rhinestones on the silk screened butterflies:
so they turned out ok after playing and twitching :) and my customer liked them better that way too. I used all my scraps
Or may be if I look around I can find  one or two tiny ones to combine with other scraps to make another SKIRT like this:
So I might gather all my pieces and create another one!
Did you know I had embroidery machine?  Yes I do. Actually it is sewing /embroidery machine. My Singer XL-6000 has an attachment that hooks up to the unit and it creates magic! I don't use it often enough.. But when I do it always amazes me with the results..
These were a custom order and I was more then pleased with the results since I have not used the embroidery part of  my machine for a while now
and here is what the front looks like:
So I can say I love my sewing machine and never regret getting it ! I also was afraid of sewing denim.. any denim project I have done in the past always made me too frustrated and I swore each time I would never ever even try working with denim again! But I have so many jeans laying around and one customer mentioned that she would love the pants in denim... "hmm..."-I thought to myself.."  dont I have denim laying around :")- looking at the pile of my fabric stash.. Sure I did and again I decided to give it one more try preparing myself to brake many needles while working on 2 custom orders. Not sure if the walking foot or the " Denim" needle that I used this time was to blame ..but I did not brake one needle this time.. and did not even bend one! I guess it could a combination of both that made my denim projects this time enjoyable rather then frustrating! And here what I made:
 out of brand new stretch dark denim skirt that I received form a friend . It even had a tag on it.
Here is the back. It only has an elastic waist band and jean fabric is also stretchy.. So they should be comfortable to wear:
and I also silk screened the owl at the front with rhinestones for the eyes. It give the pants a cute touch:
 The order was for too matching/coordinating pants for little baby sis and a big sis so I managed to use the skirt for two pants! The second one was for 3y.o sister!
So they will be proudly matching!
And last but not least :) Some bracelets for one very tiny customer! Her hand measured 3 inches! Oh how I miss little babies! The bracelets appear huge in the picture but they are actually so tiny that I had heard time working with them! There was almost nothing to hold onto!
Oh One more thing :) Come visit my new FOREVER YOU SHOP on Big cartel! All my custom listings will appear there and any new incoming custom orders I will list in my new shop ! I will be eventually closing down my Etsy store. Just after I have a last sale on it! Or may be I will keep it opened for little things:) I don't know why but I do love my Etsy store.. May be because It all started there.. I  can`t say good bye easily to things that signify something to me. I do hold on to old stuff forever :

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

from me and my daughter, Polina! We went for egg hunt today in the morning, it was first time for my daughter and me! And she totally loved it! We went dressed up at first:
and did not really feel like going at first!
but once we got there the whole mood has changed!

and she was ready to tackle that playground !

It was a gorgeous day!
Very sunny and the park was right next to the bay!

I had to change Polina since the egg hunt was predicted to be dusty and I wanted to bring her dress in a good shape after this!LOL. We got home and the first thing I did was put Polina in the shower since she was dirty like she wrestler with pig in the dirt! Thank God I took changing clothes!
We went for egg hunt and Polina was thrilled!
and me too!

Polina could not stop looking 
Then we ate all the choclolate

and painted the eggs:
and played some more:
So that`s our Easter day!
I wanted to post also what I made for Easter a couple of days ago. It was nothing fancy but I wanted a little cheer for the holiday so I made some decorated eggs using these plastic sleeves for eggs:
you boil eggs first
then you cut film into little sleeves :
then you let eggs cool but continue to boil the water and after the eggs cooled down you put each sleeve on each egg:
and one by one you put them in the hot water for 2-3 seconds:

as soon as the eggs touch hot water they immediately wrap around the egg sealing it inside
I absolutely love them since they are so pretty and so easy to make. We made a bunch of them and this is my favorite:
I also used this kit to color the eggs:
I wanted to color the white ends on each egg so it will be even prettier and I let Polina to decorate them too:
so we ended up with some cute eggs :)
And wile mama baked some biscuits :
someone enjoyed the chocolate bunny!
and I love these muffin biscuits . I called them muffins biscuits since I did not have plain sheet to bake them on instead I used mini muffin`s form sheet. And they turned out cute and tiny:
It was a great Easter! I always loved this holiday, since I was a little girl. I think it is my favorite out of all the holidays , it always brings great memories to me... Happy Easter everyone! Hope yours was just as peaceful and beautiful! Many blessings to you and all your family from us!