Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

from me and my daughter, Polina! We went for egg hunt today in the morning, it was first time for my daughter and me! And she totally loved it! We went dressed up at first:
and did not really feel like going at first!
but once we got there the whole mood has changed!

and she was ready to tackle that playground !

It was a gorgeous day!
Very sunny and the park was right next to the bay!

I had to change Polina since the egg hunt was predicted to be dusty and I wanted to bring her dress in a good shape after this!LOL. We got home and the first thing I did was put Polina in the shower since she was dirty like she wrestler with pig in the dirt! Thank God I took changing clothes!
We went for egg hunt and Polina was thrilled!
and me too!

Polina could not stop looking 
Then we ate all the choclolate

and painted the eggs:
and played some more:
So that`s our Easter day!
I wanted to post also what I made for Easter a couple of days ago. It was nothing fancy but I wanted a little cheer for the holiday so I made some decorated eggs using these plastic sleeves for eggs:
you boil eggs first
then you cut film into little sleeves :
then you let eggs cool but continue to boil the water and after the eggs cooled down you put each sleeve on each egg:
and one by one you put them in the hot water for 2-3 seconds:

as soon as the eggs touch hot water they immediately wrap around the egg sealing it inside
I absolutely love them since they are so pretty and so easy to make. We made a bunch of them and this is my favorite:
I also used this kit to color the eggs:
I wanted to color the white ends on each egg so it will be even prettier and I let Polina to decorate them too:
so we ended up with some cute eggs :)
And wile mama baked some biscuits :
someone enjoyed the chocolate bunny!
and I love these muffin biscuits . I called them muffins biscuits since I did not have plain sheet to bake them on instead I used mini muffin`s form sheet. And they turned out cute and tiny:
It was a great Easter! I always loved this holiday, since I was a little girl. I think it is my favorite out of all the holidays , it always brings great memories to me... Happy Easter everyone! Hope yours was just as peaceful and beautiful! Many blessings to you and all your family from us!


Beth said...

love it!! beautiful eggs!!

dana said...

Polina looks darling in her Easter dress. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

giabowtique said...

I love the eggs! wish I had seen the post for Easter! I just saw you post on AedenSeppe (evi)'s blog. Im new to blogging too and yours looked interesting! I love your daughter's Princess minnie mouse doll! Im obsessed with Minnie mouse stuff! Feel free to come follow me as well!

Kestlyn said...

P looks like she had an amazing time! So cute in her Easter dress and Egg outfits :) And thanks for the tutorial on egg wraps! Those come out beautifully. We may have to plan on an off day holiday just to do more decorating!