Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just wanted to remind

that 50% OFF SALE is still going on in my shop! Until all is gone! I have a lot of items in my shop that need new home! But I still take custom orders too just FYI. I decided to just put an update about what I had been making lately.
I made this custom pants for little girl who wears a cloth diaper  so I made them so that they can accommodate the diaper bum. These are made out of new t shirt that needed refashioning:
At first I decided to do a fringe bottom:
But then I decided to finish them with the regular hem to give them a better look. Although I did like the fringe as well.  May be I will make a couple of fringe pants just for fun.
It had 2 pockets and the back :
and a rhinestones on the silk screened butterflies:
so they turned out ok after playing and twitching :) and my customer liked them better that way too. I used all my scraps
Or may be if I look around I can find  one or two tiny ones to combine with other scraps to make another SKIRT like this:
So I might gather all my pieces and create another one!
Did you know I had embroidery machine?  Yes I do. Actually it is sewing /embroidery machine. My Singer XL-6000 has an attachment that hooks up to the unit and it creates magic! I don't use it often enough.. But when I do it always amazes me with the results..
These were a custom order and I was more then pleased with the results since I have not used the embroidery part of  my machine for a while now
and here is what the front looks like:
So I can say I love my sewing machine and never regret getting it ! I also was afraid of sewing denim.. any denim project I have done in the past always made me too frustrated and I swore each time I would never ever even try working with denim again! But I have so many jeans laying around and one customer mentioned that she would love the pants in denim... "hmm..."-I thought to myself.."  dont I have denim laying around :")- looking at the pile of my fabric stash.. Sure I did and again I decided to give it one more try preparing myself to brake many needles while working on 2 custom orders. Not sure if the walking foot or the " Denim" needle that I used this time was to blame ..but I did not brake one needle this time.. and did not even bend one! I guess it could a combination of both that made my denim projects this time enjoyable rather then frustrating! And here what I made:
 out of brand new stretch dark denim skirt that I received form a friend . It even had a tag on it.
Here is the back. It only has an elastic waist band and jean fabric is also stretchy.. So they should be comfortable to wear:
and I also silk screened the owl at the front with rhinestones for the eyes. It give the pants a cute touch:
 The order was for too matching/coordinating pants for little baby sis and a big sis so I managed to use the skirt for two pants! The second one was for 3y.o sister!
So they will be proudly matching!
And last but not least :) Some bracelets for one very tiny customer! Her hand measured 3 inches! Oh how I miss little babies! The bracelets appear huge in the picture but they are actually so tiny that I had heard time working with them! There was almost nothing to hold onto!
Oh One more thing :) Come visit my new FOREVER YOU SHOP on Big cartel! All my custom listings will appear there and any new incoming custom orders I will list in my new shop ! I will be eventually closing down my Etsy store. Just after I have a last sale on it! Or may be I will keep it opened for little things:) I don't know why but I do love my Etsy store.. May be because It all started there.. I  can`t say good bye easily to things that signify something to me. I do hold on to old stuff forever :


Kestlyn said...

Love the first pants (with the second finished hem and embellishments). I hope you are able to keep creaing because you are VERY talented :)

dana said...

Yuliya, Your photos look gorgeous! Really, very nice!