Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mother`s day flower Hair Clips

Mother`s day quickly approaching so I thought I would share how I made these easy and gorgeous hair clips!You can embellish any blouse with it or simply put it into your hair to add a little charm to your look!
They are super easy to make and there are ton of different ways to make them . I will include a few links where you can find great information on how to use your fabric scraps!
For these particular flowers I used nylon chiffon, tulle and charmeuse that was left over from petty skirt I made way before. I used gas stove to make these but you can use heat tool or candle! It is very simple and the results are unpredictable and amazing!
Here are some links for you for the reference:1- How to make flowers from your tulle scraps,  2- How to make Satin Flowers , and here is how to make just simple fabric flowers:   Shibori Ribbon FlowersFrayed Fabric FlowersQuick Make Fabric Flowers for any occasion!Make a Fabric Flower Head Band
Hope you will have fun creating these! The possibilities are endless! Get crafty !                                                     

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Kestlyn said...

Those are gorgeous!