Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Relative Faces.. Beautiful dresses and Happy times!

It`s May and there is no better time for vacation! Polina and I decided to go and visit my homeland... I have some business to take care of there and to see my family, there is no better reasons to go LOL. Like I need one anyways. I miss them so much that I wish I was able to go there every weekend! Here is the pick of my dad playing with Polina last time we went there. Yap! She made him climb up there!
And here is one of her and my dad in the garden near my Grandma`s house where my sister lives now. When I go I usually stay there. Ton of outdoors and now is the cherry and strawberry season so we get to eat a lot of them! Summer is the best time to go.
I have not packed yet, but I thought of what I should take with me. It`s summer, thank God, so I dont have to pack the whole house with me! Just a few sundresses for me and Polina and we are good to fly! When I went through the closet I realized my little girl grew out of almost all the dresses and you know.. when you go for vacation dont you want to show off your best wardrobe? And since I dont really have time to sew that much, off I went to Target and Ross. I found some amazing dresses for under .. hm.. 5 bucks?! Yes . I love bargains.  They were adorable but plain.. PLAIN.. and I decided to spice them up.. So Polina can show them off to everyone over there and over here too!
I have made many picks but I will try to choose the best ones to show to you. Here they are.
I love this dress a lot. Because of the color and the girlyness of it. It is also very comfy because it`s made of knit. I added matryoushka`s prints right along the bottom...  and the front of the shorts 
( The matryoshka`s come from Baby Chic lovely shop )
I added the string of matryoshka`s at the back of the shorts too and I love it:
So that`s one down. I also got another dress that was also plain and had lovely butterflies on them but still was missing .. "somethings " I added the lady bugs to the dress (you cant see them well but in person for some reason you can see them better):
I love the lady bug on the front of the shorts:
and at the back too:
But most of all I love the back of the dress :)
and here is the close up of the front bodice:
So that`s another one to go..and more to come :
I love Merry Poppins .. I grew up with this tale and a movie and I found an image of her flying with her umbrella.. oh how wonderful she was.. A dream nanny .. really..
So I could not resist and made sure my daughter knows her as well and wear her too on this gorgeous dress..: ( also $4.90 at Target:)
I embellished her with crystals ... She deserves to shine!
and some butterflies .. to keep her company :
Are you counting yet ?? So that`s three to go. I thought I would stop until I found this one so gorgeous but plain..  at Ross for 8 bucks. I just pictured it embellished right away and I could not resist..
I put the groovy guitar at the front and embellished it with crystals to make it fun:
and I have been fan of wings lately.. and I think they really made the dress to stand out:
Well that`s it for the dresses but we also needed some leggings too. Since we got such a groovy dresses I needed to add some groovy leggings to the wardrobe. And I made two:
One I called a "rock bum" leggings because they have rock star at on the bum :)
and at the front they feature mini rock star printing ( this one, at the front, also came from Baby Chic ):
All embellished with crystals too! Here is the close up:
And here is the last pair I made for my daughter . It has a boy and a girl at the bottom. and butterflies at the back.
  and here is the close up of the prints :
He, he.. that's all :) Now I have to worry about my wardrobe.. I dont have nothing to wear..May be I should look for a few plain tank tops now and make matching tops to match my daughter? Hm .. I love this ideal!
That`s all I have been doing lately .. Getting ready to go.. I has not been taking many orders, only random here and there but just one last thing I though I would share with you. It`s t shirt I made as per customer request: "The fairy T" . Customer sent me a t shirt and asked me if I could turn it in to a fairy T and I did :
Well that`s all. And since I will be away, I wont be blogging much .. and my shop will be in vacation mode until I return:) So see you all later and thanks for stopping by!


Shawn said...

OMG. I love, love, love that Mary Poppins print!! I must find something for you to use that on. (when you return, of course!)

Kestlyn said...

Beautiful...your family, your homeland, your works of art! Blessings for a safe trip. I look forward to hearing updates and wish you well :)

ApachesPrincess said...

Very cute! I love them! My favorite is the Mary Poppins one!

opsiedaisy said...

These are really nice and lovely..I love bargains too! :)

Two Little Bluebirds said...

I love all of the embellishments that you added! So cute! I hope you are having a good vacation. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You can find out more here. Congrats! http://twolittlebluebirds.blogspot.com

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