Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PART 1: Something white or MADNESS OF A DIAPER MAMA

I can`t tell you enough how many times I used to swear to everybody, while being pregnant, that I will use cloth diapers when my daughter will be born! I bought I think over 400 diaper cloth from Walmart as well as diaper covers and safety pins to go with it. When my little one arrived, for some reason, it did not seam to be such a priority, especially, when you just have been drugged up by the nurse, was cut and pocked and having a hard time turning in bed and getting up (that one even worse) after a c-section.. So after getting home and being there absolutely alone (my husband worked long hours), the first week seemed to be somewhat more of a nightmare then joy. So who mentioned cloth diapers here? So past the first week... and then months... and after 10 months, I was cleaning up my closet and upss.. found a huge pile of cloth diapers, bright and white and brand spanking new, laying there and waiting for me to become a environmentally friendly MAMA.. Of course I immediately felt guilty that I completely ignored environment that I swore to protect.. Well.. I was guilty for a short wile and then, a bright idea popped in my head and, as mad, I started create and give as a gift dozens of burp cloths.

Of course it was great idea! But does anybody know what happens to a birds eyes diaper cloth when it gets cut up...? Nightmare of sewing happens - that`s what happened to me.. I started to make actual clothes from diaper cloth.. Imagine that..
It was falling apart in my own hand, before my own eyes...! SO... DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME.. if you don`t want to break your sewing machine (I almost did). That`s all I can tell you! I don`t know where I found the patience, but I have made some cute things for my little Poli. Now, of course, I would rather forget the idea, but I just love how comfy and light the clothes made from bird`s eye diaper cloth are. And it has that almost "linen look" to it. Looks comfy and cute. My daughter enjoyed wearing them, especially in +90 degree Florida weather. So... I still managed to save environment.. In my own way..!


Slava Rybalka said...

Yulia, I like your little angel )))

Forever You said...

Thanks Sapasiba :Slava :) I abandoned this blog :)Never thought that anyone would be interested :)

Kestlyn said...

Yay! I found you :) I am totally new to blogging, but loving it and finding places I can check out everyone's beautiful projects. Blogging seems so much more personal than facebook. What better way to get inspiration?
Your little princess is beautiful! And I love your use of the cds (cloth diapers). We are/were a cloth diapering family, so I totally understand the joys of working with birdseye heeheehee.