Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was thinking about starting my blog for a while now.. In fact I have started one and never went on with it.. I had been creating things steadily for about 2,5 years now and even opened my Etsy shop and have my own ForeverYou fan page, but I never was quite confident about having my own blogging world. I love to read other blogs and have been following some amazing blogs out there. I guess my time has come and I feel pretty inspired to start! I hope this time I keep it up and hope my fans will help me to continue on ! I love to hear feedback, ideas and your suggestions. Please DO leave a comment! They will definitely be what I need to go on. And remember I am a newbie to this so if you have any tricks and suggestions on how to improve my blog please share with me, I need great advises and different point of views! This blog is for all of you and of course for me! A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Hope not to bore you!

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dana said...

Welcome aboard! I already have you in my Google Reader :)
Have fun with it all!