Sunday, March 14, 2010

Because we love you

Polina has a very very good friend. She is her Best Friend Forever I would say. Her name is Anna.

Polina spent almost every day with Anna since she was 6 month old.
Spent the holidays together:

and wore Anna`s last year Halloween costumes because it`s fun to look like her a year later :)
She already got Anna`s butterfly costume for 2010 Hallowing and can`t wait to put it on..!
And there is no better things to do but play with your BF:

and swim side by side
read a few books together
 and of course repeat each other`s every step
So as Annas`s birthday rolled around in February we just new we had to make her something very very special. So we set down and talked about what Anna would love ..
Polina said something about the crown and a princess. And I got it. I just knew what she meant and made her somethings that every little girl should have in her closet!
All packed in a pretty damask hat box.. and gave it for her big number 3:
 A petty skirt in candy pink
 that came with matching top
 and a hair clip with her Name initial - A

Because we want you to feel like a real princess ..! Have fun wearing it many many days, beautiful Blondy!
Happy Birthday BIG GIRL!
We love you very much..

P.S: Unfortunately my camera died the minute Anna put that skirt on... So I could not make any shots of her wearing it. But I will make sure that her mom takes some picks next time she puts it on... and hopefully before she gets any cake, ice cream and candy all over it ! ;)


Ashley said...

Awww! what great memories and a fabulous outfit!

Kestlyn said...

How precious! We need action shots!!! Once she gets it of course :) You are such a great Mom of the best friend!

dana said...

oh what a sweet, sweet post! I loved reading this Yuliya. And what a great gift! (nice story build up. I was so excited to see what was inside!).
PLEASE get some pictures of her wearing it!