Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A nice surprize

came in my mailbox yesterday! Did I tell you I won a giveaway recently?? I never won anything in my life! But this time I was lucky, I guess if you enter every giveaway in the world you actually just might win something! Well this one I entered and totally forgotten about since I never win anything anyways! But when I was contacted by Becky from RWest Designs Jewelry  to tell me that I won, I was jumping up and down from excitement ! I was at the post office the minute I got her message, so you can imagine the reaction of people as well as my daughter`s face when I screamed  and jumped. Every one thought I was a nut! I felt quite embarrassed, but could not help it!
Well.. a few days passed and I finally made it to check my mail and there it was! Wrapped up all nicely and with personal note inside! Is not it cool (who writes notes by hands now day? well.. may be me)???
 cute isn`t it??
 Bunch of a happy colorful sunshine inside!

And look at this heirloom little card to hold it!
I could not wait to put it on!
And show it off to everyone I know, including you !
Polina tried to snatch it of as soon as I took it out of the envelope! But na-ah. It is mommy`s this time! Because mommy already forgot when last time treated herself with anything nice, so Sorry little one you ain`t getting it :) Because I like it too much!
 Sweet, girly stuff! Just what Dr ordered to go along with these finally sunny days in Florida. I love those glass beads and how they feel on my wrist ! Super adorable! My friends asked me if I bought it and I said YAP. Here is the name of  the store and gave Becky`s business card to them! So you better have more of those colorful beads, Becky, because they will be asking for them!
THANK YOU SO MUCH, BECKY for your lovely gift! You made my day!
And if all of you want one for yourself, head over to her lovely SHOP before my friends got there first :)
She has some amazing collection to choose from ! Have fun with those colors!


BabyChic said...

Love the spring colors of the bead.Enjoy the gift :)

Forever You said...

Thank you I will!

dana said...

congrats to you!! It is so much fun to get gifts in the mail. Now you know how I feel when you've sent things to me :). So sweet.