Friday, March 19, 2010

Excitement that I have been craving..

I wanted to print on fabric for a long long time.. I have tried to cut stencils from freezer paper, but found it time consuming and sometimes frustrating.. I remember cutting a huge stencil to print on the t shirt and made a little mistake that ruined the whole thing and of course the beauty of image.. It was so disappointing! I started to research all kind of methods of transferring the image to the fabric and found out that there is a great way of doing it by using screen printing. The images that screen printing produces are incredibly detailed and you can basically screen print anything you want.. I just knew I had to try it one day. I went form wanting to buy a basic kit to an expansive machine. My decisions were changing back and  forth as I was analyzing what I needed. I took a calculator and realized neither one was suitable for my needs. They all involved a lot of cost down the road plus required a lot of room for storage and since I live in a fairly small apartment, it would be a huge issue for me. One screen printing frame costs anywhere from 20 and up plus I would have to get other materials. I could probably make my own frames.. but I could no see myself going to Hardware store to by wood and then hammering my own frames.. I am sure there are many handy people out there who can make their own screens, but I don't think I am one of them. Besides, the frame suppose to be tightened well to produce great results and there is no way I would of known how to do it. So I continued to search and I finally found what I needed. This Screen Printing Kit had everything I needed and more.

The principle of this screen printing technique was cheaper for some one who will not produce a ton of same screen printed Items, yet great enough if you start making a lot of things using same screens..  It does not require frames or chemicals all you have to get are sheets with emulsion on it ready made for you and waiting for you to burn your stencils.
 And it arrived yesterday! I was so excited to try it out right away, but it arrived in the evening and the sun was already down and since I needed sun to burn my stencils I could not do it same day...  I hardly waited until today and  I cant describe how easy it was for me to use it from making a stencil to printing an image. This kit was truly a treasure to find. It was so easy that I could not stop making stencils. I burned a 5 stencils in a meter of 15 min. The quality of stencil amazed me as it produced very clear detailed prints. I thought I would ruin things on my first try. But look what turned out! To continue to celebrate Alice in Wonderland:
the cutest onesie for a baby girl !
 and I added a little Svarowsky crystal to the butterfly ..  for extra cuteness! Just cant have enough fun with it!

This was my first try. I loved it so much that I wanted to make something else right away. All in a meter of 10 minutes. And that was ONLY because I was nervous and was washing my stencils for 5 minutes each so that the paint won`t ruin it. And second time I was a pro:
Who said he can`t fly to the moon??!

In this onesie your little guy can be a spaceman, fly to the moon and be comfy!

Both of these are in my Shop waiting for a little boy or a girl to wear them..
I can declare myself officially hooked on screen printing. I even made a screen with my logo on it :) Sweet! Now I can dress every one I know to advertise my shop :) for free... !LOL  I so carried away.. And could not stop because I loved it so much that I was ready to burn any image just to try it out! There is more and more to come THAT I know for sure.. and  I can`t wait to see what else I will come up with....!
Till later..


Kestlyn said...

What a great job! Is this the Dharma kit? I love the Alice shirt :)

dana said...

oh my my my!
Okay, You've convinced me. I NEED ONE OF THESE!!!
thanks for posting about this Yuliya.
I'm so happy you have a blog now :)