Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Allergy kills me.

I am a healthy person from day to day and actually rarely do I get colds. But last year I started with this eye itching I could not figure out why. It got really out of hands. I could not stand it and was forced to try some allergy meds . I tried pretty much every drug out there just to find out nothing worked besides Benadryl. But taking Benadryl made me so drowsy that the days I was taking it, I did not function..  Drunk without drinking I call it..  I thought it was just something odd that happened to me but this year this made a come back exactly same time it happened last year. Now I know for sure it is an allergy..  My eyes are red and I cant see well because it feels like send in my eyes. Was up all night because it hurts like hell. Put anti allergy drops and they help only for 5 min. Putting some tea bags helped a bit and I spent most of the night laying with tea bags on my both eyes. Newest allergy meds dont help .. so I might have to go back to old drowsy Benadryl to get rid of this painful experience, but that means I will be half drank all day but hopefully it helps, cause I cant live with is, its like a torture.

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dana said...

Oh,I'm sorry Yuliya.
Casey and lucy get allergies and I feel so bad for them!