Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was a success!

Wow, I have been a bit busy over the past few days. Got many orders for different things! It was nice to be busy and I felt very productive!  I love to work on demand, but now I am sure it will settle down after the giveaway is all finished at MADE and I will have time to create some other things. Thanks again Dana! You totally rocked it! Today 4 lucky winners will be chosen to receive some cute stuff !
 2 Lucy dresses : The Pink Bubble Gum and A chocolate one,

the set of Hair clips and a bracelet

My hair clips were a big  hit :)
So I made a few custom ones and sent them home today. Hope the owner will really enjoy wearing these!
I also got many requests about my famous Lucy Dress
Don`t you want to eat these chocolates ?? Yum ! I would probably eat one now!
And few orders for these:
Hope the boys will enjoy these comfy and soft kickers.
So happy a lot of people liked them.  But now I will have a bit of a time for creating something that will suddenly pop in my head. Yes it happens to me sometime ( at 3 am ) . And I have to get up and make it happen. Because I hardly have any patience when it comes to designing and  holding my ideas that visit me until morning .
So till next time!


Kestlyn said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you're so busy :) Can't wait to see your next inspiration!

dana said...

I'm so glad you were busy! Woohoo!
And yes, your Lucy Dress is famous! It's just so darling.
And the hairclips were a hit. Great design Yuliya :)