Monday, March 22, 2010

The fun continues

I am talking about the screen printing party that was going on in my home for the past few days. I keep making things and seems I cant stop. I have a ton of ideas and waiting for my new set of screens to come in the mail any day. Just wanted to show you a few picks of what I `ve made past couple of days. I am also working on something else, but it is not finished, so I am not going  to bother with that for now. Will post about it later when it`s done.
So here are things I`ve made:
The White Robot Long Sleeve Onesie (please ignore the weird looking  Forever You logo that I made on it, it has been fixed and I will update the listing with new pics).

And about the logo. Please don`t make my mistake and do try things out on similar or same fabric as your garment before you do it on your finished product. I did not make this onesie so I did not bother trying the logo stamp on other fabric similar to this one. Ones I stamped it I guess the paint in my stamp was bad and it did not stamp right, as you can see on the picks it turned out very pale looking and watery I would say.   It bothered me so much that I went ahead and made a screen with my Logo to use on the garments that were screen printed. I think it will look better matching the paint of the image. So I screen printed the Logo on a piece of brown knit fabric that perfectly matched the onesie and sewed it over the area. I tried to wash away the stamped logo with soap and it washed out a bit because I never heat set it ( once you heat set the ink you will never get it out, not even with bleach), but it still had some fine lines, so there was nothing else I could of done to fix it. But LESSON`s learned !! Actually, I dont know what came over me because I always try my stamp before stamping my finished stuff but this one time GRRR! I thought it will be just fine! The onesie is actually 200% cuter with new screened logo. I do like sometime to print the logo so it has some other lines or smudges underneath it( I just press harder on my stamp to achieve that effect) espesialy on boys clothes. It gives them more boyish style and I dont mind it as long as the name looks sharp and is clearly visible. It becomes a part of the design and sometimes two are not the same but that`s the fun that I have with my stamps!
Ok.. more about my stuff..
Another thing I`ve made were this cute Boy`s pants/ shorts kickers with the image of retro car printed over right leg. The image actually located partially on the back and on the front of the leg. I think it looks interesting.:
I so love these. It looks cuter in person! And the color of the pant is just right . Not too dressy and are perfect for every day fun to kick around in this!
And since we talked about Alice the other day I decided to make something else in this theme: this Alice in Wonderland Girl`s Kicker Pants/Shorts because why can`t a  Girl wear one of these??
so comfy and fun .. and can be dressy too, like these, in white. Perfect with white shirt or tank top. The butterflies are printed so they also cross over from the back of the pants to the front, similar to the idea of the pants above , giving it a fun detail:
And to make it even more girly I added some Svarowsky crystals to the butterflies on the pocket.... cause all girly girls should shine:
 On the picks of course you can`t really see them shine. I tried very hard to catch that sparkle with my point and shoot camera but unfortunately it did not work. This is the best I could do. But they sure do sparkle a lot especially on the sun.
 I was not sure about the white color at first.. and wanted to dye these in some girly color, but a friend of mine reassured me that it looks very nice like that. I hope she did not just say it to keep me happy LOL. Let me know what do YOU think about white color? Or may be I should try to change it? If yes in what color would it look better? To be honest white is not my color for kids. But I have seen some amazing boutique white clothes that look amazing on kids if pieced together with the right top.
I am working also on some items for a giveaway that will happen very soon. I will let you know as soon as it`s up. May be some cute pants for a boy and a girl (winks). Will see! I just did not have much time to actualy do it. We had such a nice afternoon today that I had to take Polina out to play. It was very sunny and warm, but in the morning it was totally miserable - raining and the sky was telling me that it will rain all day, but the sun decided to come out and play with us around noon. And tomorrow I am going to Metro Zoo.  If you `ve heard of Metro Zoo before, then you know how HUGE it is. I think it is as huge as Disnay land LOL. Well.. may be not, but it is humongous! THAT will be fun! I already see Polina screaming when she sees all those animals outside. Hopefully that will wear her out .. and I can sew some more after she goes to sleep. Or not.. cause I have to  work on Wednesday  at my regular part time job.. hm or may be I can just do something quick ..
that is it for now.. Till later!


BabyChic said...

I love those kicker pants!!!The butterflies are so so cute,and the crystals deffinately add some sparkle to the whole ansamble!!!LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

dana said...

Oh i LOVE those gray knickers with the car!! Too cool Yuliya!
Hey, did you print all those ducks on the onesie too?
And I know you probably mentioned this before, but once you make a screen image you can use it as many times as you like right? can you do different colors on it too?

BabyChic said...

Dana,she can use the same image as much as she wants to,AND in any color you want it to be:)How cool is that huh?!!!!