Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One treat and one surprize?! and all of it over night!

 Are you in for a treat??? I mean 4 treats?? Then head over to MADE!!! Dana and I`ve got a surprize for you! THANK you Dana for having me on your lovely blog! But you have to rush becuase the time is running out! The giveaway is finishing soon!

Hm and I got a special surprize today in the morning too :) Thank you Michele ! I was futured on her beautiful blog By Your Side. Go check it out! It`s fun! Mine is number 8:)
Enjoy! THANK You, Dana and Michele for making my day!


dana said...

I'm happy to host it!

ba said...

Hi there!! I just wanted to say, I LOVE the little pink and chocolate dresses you made! Do you have a tutorial for that, or do you sell the pattern? Thanks!!

Forever You said...

Hello Ba, thanks for stopping by at my blog! At this time I dont have a tutorial or pattern yet for the dress. I just started to blog so i am sure sometimes in the future i will come up with something. I just sell ready made dresses in my shop at this time. I am also working in different colors and patterned fabric for Lucy dress. Thanks for the interest!

Kestlyn said...

WooHoo for giveaways. We just entered over at MADE :)
Thank you Yuliya for your generousity!

Katherine said...

OMGoodness!! You are SO talented!! I'm a new fan on FB & will follow your blog! I sure hope you get a pattern for that ADORABLE dress. Count me as a buyer!


Forever You said...

Katherine! Thanks you for such sweet words! I am very happy to have you as my fan and follower ! You are so sweet! I dont have a pattern yet. And the worse part I dont even know how to make it.. Do I need a special program for that? May be I can try to make a tutorial..? And how do I make it in the word? I am so new to this. I might have to consult Dana about this LOL. For now I am just creating dresses and actually will be making a different line of them with prints and other things on them. The possibilities are endless!
Thanks again for being a fan!

Michele said...

Glad you had a good day!! thank you for your kind words!! It was my honor!
By Your Side