Saturday, March 13, 2010

Something Pink ..

With flowers and a bow that totally looks cute on your princess whether it is Easter or just any normal day in royalty life! Easter is around the corner so I thought it would be fun to make some cute baby bibs for the holiday ( or any other day).

I made these bibs last night to add to my other towel bib collection.
 Those chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies wont make it till Easter I think. My dear Polina already stole one from this bunch :) And she learned where they are so she is throwing a fit each time I get close to them!  Oh well that`s just normal now days ! Terrible twos.. you know!
When she was small I totally love these towel bibs because they are so absorbent, soft and easy to care for. Just toss it in the regular wash and dry as you would any laundry ! They can take a lot of drool! And a lot of spilled soup!  AND they are just so cute! I made them from dish towels. Brand new stuff. They are an addition to these cute guys:
Purple Easter Bib:
and the Easter chic baby bib:
And since we are talking about Easter holiday I just wanted to throw in some other Easter fun ideas for babies. Like this Blue ribbon Baby bonnet :
And as you notice they are made of ( Guess what...?  ) Right: a Birdseye diaper cloths! My famous collection ! As well as this precious Baby night gown with embroidered rose on the middle. I made exactly same one for my coworker`s baby shower . It is so light and breathy for a hot day or night !
I loved the embroidery on the middle. So feminine. And a couple more things from the diaper clothe collection: this Baby blanket with embroidery - perfect for the church or just to cover the baby with simple breathy blanket:


I also made a few cute    Baby Bloomers
and more dresses, of course, for Easter fun!

I love Easter! And soon we will be coloring eggs ! Polina can`t wait. I showed her coloring kit and she screamed that she wanted to do it NOW :) I am sure I will post pictures of the process later ! Thanks for stopping by and bye bye for now!


Tiffany Lane said...

I love your stuff!!! Adorable is all I can say! And tell your husband Thank You!!! I have a best friend who is serving his third tour right now!!!! I hate it cause his is missing out on his daughter's first year!!!

dana said...

I bought an Eggy Dyeing kit the toher day too but did NOT show it to Lucy because she would have said the same thing! haah :).
I know she's going to love it this year.
You've been busy! I love that yellow dot dress.