Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Red Queeness..

Are you all as excited as I am??
 It is Alice in Wonderland time!  The movie is out and I know a lot of people who can`t wait to see it, including me ! I grew up with this beautiful classic... I absolutely loved it and watched every cartoon/movie out there about Alice! I`ve used to dream about becoming so tiny and then so BIG! And what girl did not hope to find a rabbit, who will bring her to that little secret door.. The tale as not and ordinary one, that`s for sure. It seamed strange and a bit unlike all fairy tales out there. But for some reason it had been one of my and every little girl`s and and even adult`s favorite. And it still is now.  Classic is timeless!
The story has inspired me and many other wonderful crafters to create so many wonderful things in this theme!
Even my boss at work pinned a phrase on her pin board: " Queens never make bargains!" ( yes I have fun and absolutely cool boss) . I think this phrase from Alice in Wonderland is her motto in life ! The Idea of making something for Polina did not let me rest and I absolutely had to bring it to life!
So this little outfit was born:
I made this Red Queen Dress outfit wile ago.  It has an embroidery: " Queens never make Bargains!" on the bloomers - the famous phrase of Red Queen Of Hearts and a little Crown embroidered at the front:
AND as you can all see it also comes with matching head band :)
I just cant stand that cute but!
 The cuteness is now in my Forever You Etsy Shop .
And look at this .. My friend, Irene, from Baby Chic is ONE talented lady! Look at how she brought to you a piece of this wonderful tale:
I am so in love with this! I want to just lick that chocolate and eat those bunny ears!! A box for Jewelery?? Why not ! I think every little girl would love to have one! To put some treasures in.. keep her secrets.. and expect the magic...
Well Irene, you are amazing !! What a great Idea and all made by hands??? Incredible!
And who would not want to dress up in this gorgeous costume from GrosGrainFabulous . I came across her blog when I was looking for great Alice stuff and here it was:
 What an attention to details!  Well done! It would be my dream to dress up in this costume! Unfortunately I did not make to her giveaway in October 2009.. Upsss .. too late, but I am sure there is one lucky girl out there who will absolutely love this! And I love the second pick . Those three,  look natural!  And great face paintings!! Simply amazing..!
I am so sure that there are many many many more amazing creations out there about Alice in Wonderland..  So if you or your kids came up with some sort of Alice theme creations or Idea, please, share it with me and all the fans who will read this post! We want to know what you came up with to celebrate Alice!
I can`t wait to see the movie!


BabyChic said...

WOW! I absolutely love this posting!Thank you Yulechka

dana said...

Yes, I'm excited to see the movie too! And seriously....that Grosgrain dress is AMAZING.

Goosegirl said...

We are pretty crazy about Alice too. Last Halloween, I had to sew two alice costumes, one for my 18 year old and one for my 5 year old. And my older daughter wore her costume to the movie theater on opening night! Yes we are dramatic around here.

I found your blog from Grosgrain and am enjoying peaking around. I hope you are having a lovely day.