Saturday, March 27, 2010

A trip to the Metro Zoo

On Thursday my friend Olga and I with both of our children went to the Metro Zoo. If any of you `ve been there then you will know the feeling of excitement that you get once you walk through the gates after handing in the tickets.  We arrived at the busstop so we had some walking to do before we got inside
and already then we enjoyed the introduction scene.
They had such a nice waterfall, that we just stood there and enjoy the feeling of tranquility:
The kids went crazy after the ticket girl handed them two Tiger masks but it was only the beginning of it:
As soon as we got in we took our time to enjoy these beautiful pink Flamingos:
There was a little pond with other birds and kids enjoyed feeding them:
There was a lot of other nice to look at creatures and some of them not real, yet nice to hug
and nice to climb on:
and as we were going more inside there was more to see and more to climb on! We actually had to rush kids away from the entrance because they were in a climbing mood,we spent a lot of time waiting for them to finish. 
 Then we finally progressed and made it to our first real animal - a White tiger:
and this beautiful other tiger who lived with the white one:
seams that they got alone pretty well. I think that they were a husband and wife:
and then there was a bear baby:
and a bear mama:
an elephant:
and I was amazed by this HUMONGOUS tree( wonder how old is it to get to such large size)! Or may be it is many trees in one? Who knows! But it sure looked awesome:
And then there was a camel. Actually there was A LOT of camels everywhere:

and they even offered a camel rides for $5 . Unfortunately Polina did not reach the height requirements to ride yet. But there was one couple that we`ve seen who enjoyed it:
But since Polina did not get to ride the camel I took her for another ride:
and she enjoyed it so much that she took two rounds:
She never wanted to leave the carousel until I told her that she get to pet the sheep and wild pig and she was first in line to do that:
I was surprised that the piggy took it pretty calm:
The girls did not want to leave but there was so much more to see!! and  the poor sheep got all tired of the kids trying to tag their tails that they just kept running away as soon as someone approached them:
So after we left them alone we headed to see the lion:
who lived with his /her partner:
by the little waterfall:
that we found out was a cave inside:
and if you go inside you will see the lions closer through the thick window (I did not take picture of it) as well as hear them roarrrrr:
After that we continued on to many many more interesting anymals and places like this waterfall where you go inside like in a small cave and can take a picture standing behind it:
We`ve also seen  gators:
these cute little ones ( i don`t  even know who they are but so cute!)
and many more that I had no Idea how they called. I think they are some kind of wild goats:

 and more of others:
there was a lot of places to eat outside the park:
and  inside too:
but most of the day we ended up eating on the way, cause there was no time to waste on food so we mostly snacked while walking:

The kids also played in some areas. They had a play ground with swings, slides and bunch of other cute animals on the way where you can take pictures or just sit down to rest your legs:
Unfortunately the time was running fast so we did not get to ride the metro train, that goes around the zoo and you can see everything from the above. We came 2 seconds late and just`ve seen it leaving.. The next one was in an 30 min so we did not want to loose time to wait for it..
well may be next time...
and may be next time instead of strollers girls get to ride this awesome quad-cycle car:
We did not get to see the rest of the zoo. This is only 1/4 of the park. Imagine what else is out there! We definitely will come again!
so as you can see there was not too much sewing going on these days but pure fun!
The girls really really enjoyed the trip and Polina still talks about the zoo. If you ever come to Miami you should check it out! It is the best place after Disney!
And I did not even know how great it will be and glad that I went, because it`s loaded with fun and excitement! Hope you enjoyed reading about it. Because we wanted to share with you what an awesome day we had!
Good Bye!

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BabyChic said...

Cool pictures!!!Polina and Anna deffinately had fun there:)I think we have been there,its a huge huge place,and the carousell is cute(I have pictures of me and Evelyn riding it)