Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Just wanted to announce a 50% sale on all my items in my STORE . I had a life changing, emotional events going on in my life right now and I will be closing my shop temporarily. I need to sell everything I have made so I am giving it for 50% off not including shipping. I will refund the difference of 50% by Pay Pal. I just have to get my life in order and learn to continue on.. I hope to re-open my shop as soon as I feel capable to run it and continue to create in a comfort of my mew life. I had been very blessed and want to thank you ALL for the support that you have shown me via my FAN PAGE and TWITTER. I truly appreciate it and it makes me feel not so lonely. Thanks again for all your support. I will continue blogging as much as I would be able to and I will continue to visit my Fan Page. I might be also able to create some new things depending on the situation. Life comes at you fast.. I just was not prepared for it I guess. But I am sure it all will turn out for better at the end. I just need time..


Beth said...

Sorry to hear that ):

I was looking at your stuff and I was wondering if your smaller items, like the bracelets for babies ship for $5 or have a lower shipping price. Send me an email There are a few different things I may want to get of yours if they still in stock!

dana said...

been thinking about you.
Beautiful sunset photo. I love stuff like that. Those are the good parts of life.